Ariana Grande Album Announcements


On Tuesday, May 1st, Ariana Grande announced the title of her new album Sweetener along with her newest single “No Tears Left To Cry”. Ariana revealed the names of a few more tracks that will be on Sweetener. “Raindrops”, “R.E.M.”, “The Light is Coming”, and ” God is a Woman”. The release date of her album has been announced with a date of August 17th

Fans better be ready the 20th of every month for when Ariana will gift us something special in regards to the album.

You can pre-order the album now!

Also, what is that we see on her merch website? Ticket Access? Could this mean that anyone who pre-orders her album or any new merchandise for Sweetener will gain presale access for an upcoming tour? We will have to wait and see!

Check back later for more news on the new album details!