Katy Perry Pre-Sale Password (Facebook)

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    tixking on #2754

    Hi there,
    Does anyone know what the pre-sale password will be (or is) for Katy Perry’s January 23, 2014 FACEBOOK pre-sale for Toronto ?
    If you find itcan you please e-mail it to me at oaktree99@hotmail.com ?
    Thanks a lot ! :)

    admin on #2764

    Will have all presale info here: http://ticketcrusader.com/katy-perry-presale-passwords/

    tixking on #2821

    How many hours or days before a presale is the password made public on this site, or on the internet in general ? Katy Perry’s Facebook presale is on Thursday, Jan. 21 and still no password yet. Should I be worried ?

    Also, it says you might be able to get tickets during her Citigroup presale, even if you don’t have a Citi credit card, by using a non-Ticketmaster site to buy the tickets. What would be the website addresses to try to pull this little trick off successfully ? Thanks a lot !

    Rockhead77 on #2822

    You should change your name to TixNewb.

    tixking on #2851

    Gee thanks, you are now the second sarcastic and unhelpful bully from this site who e-mailed me directly at my hotmail account to mock me ! The other was mustgetsictix.

    I’m willing to bet that both of you probably know the answers to my questions, or could at least been of some help to me.

    Way to make someone brand new to this site feel welcome ! Not cool, guys !

    admin on #2859

    Agreed, I am going to create pages where only certain people can access them. TixKing, e-mail me: ryan@ticketcrusader.com

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