How to get Firefly Music Festival Tickets


Firefly Music Festival is four days of summer music and vibes that bring together friends and strangers at The Woodlands in Delaware for a weekend of fun and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the festival and make the most out of your experience with friends and family by following the steps that we are going to outline for you here on how to get tickets to the festival.

When do tickets go on sale?

To find out when tickets go on sale we suggest you keep close watch on Firefly’s Facebook and Twitter as well as Red Frog Events to find out when tickets will go on sale. Another good way to stay updated on all things related to the festival is to download the Firefly Festival App! Passes are coming soon!

What tickets can you buy?

Usually Firefly only offers General Admission tickets after the previous festival ends.  Once the new year begins and the festival draws closer more tickets will be available to purchase  such as special GA passes as well as VIP passes.

When tickets are available you should get to the website as soon as possible so you can get tickets at the lowest price point. To get tickets you’ll be placed in a queue, once your wait time is over and it is your turn you can select your ticket type as well as any additional features before beginning your checkout process.

Additional Purchases

  • General Tent Camping
  • RV Camping

Once you’ve added your camping or other options then you can start your checkout process.

Create an Account

At checkout you will be prompted to login or create and an account with Firefly. We suggest creating an account and logging in beforehand so you don’t lose valuable time creating an account with your purchases still waiting in your cart. You will have an option to create an account with Facebook, but unless you use the email linked with your Facebook often, we don’t suggest it.


Just enter in all of your information and if desired, select a payment plan to make the price of the festival easier on your bank account. Once you’ve selected a plan and submitted your order a confirmation email will be sent to your directly.

We’ve told you all you need to know on how to get tickets to the festival. If you think we’ve missed something send us an email at

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