Luke Bryan Presale Password and Ticket Info

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Luke Bryan has a new round of presales for his “That’s My Kind of Night Tour 2014″ this week:

Tuesday, April 15:

  • 10:00am local time: CRASH14 for VIP packages and he does have presales through his actual fan club not on Ticketmaster, info here
  • 12:00pm EST: Philly has a “Venue presale” through Ticketmaster – PREMIUM

Wednesday, April 16 at 10:00am local time

  • Citi Card presale, use 412800 and Citi card most likely needed
  • Cabela’s is CLUB0416 (might not work)
  • LBRICE2014 had been working for Lee Brice presale
  • CHILLIN  for Cole Swindell password

Thursday, April 17 at 10:00am local time (if one doesn’t work, try another)

  • Live Nation presale: PRIORITY
  • Live Nation mobile app: COVERT
  • Other presales will be posted

Luke Bryan has announced additional “That’s My Kind of Night” tour dates.   I will have all of the Luke Bryan presale passwords and ticket info here. There will be Citi card presales and others. Stay tuned for details.

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Luke Bryan Presale Password Codes

  • RQ

    XTU Will probably work tomorrow for the “Radio Presale”in Phily

  • Johnny Rumely

    Luke Bryan ATL Concert Presale Password?

  • allen

    i need the offer code for the atlanta ga luke brayn tickets please

  • Giff

    There is a Philadelphia Eagles Season Ticket Holder Presale aka “venue” presale for Tuesday 4/15/14 at noon. Any word on that code?

  • Cyndi Bohn

    Theres a supposed to be a “venue” presale at noon tomorrow. Any ideas?

  • Heather

    Need Pre Sale Codes For DTE June 18, June 19 shows

  • Stimbot

    this guy needs to take a break.

  • Kristy Laforest

    What is the code for the DTE concert on June 18 and the 19th?

  • Tiffany Hamilton

    Pre sale codes for the michigan june 18 or 19th shows at DTE? Presale starts on March 25th

    • Cassandra Kessler

      Yes, I’m looking for this too!

  • Floyd Campas

    Anyone know what the presale password is for the Pittsburgh show?

    • ticketvictory

      Most of these passwords should be the same thing… Fan club starts Tuesday, if you’re serious about going might want to join there.

  • ChadZ

    Anyone know when Pelham, Alabama presale will be? Concert is late July

  • Shiraz Mawani

    Are the Luke Bryan fan club tickets hard copies or e-tickets? If anyone knows.

    • Jenna

      It says that they must be picked up at will call by the person who purchased the tickets..They will not be mailed or sent via email…

  • erica

    Do u happen to have the presaale codes for the st Louis concerts?

  • Kris

    Anyone have any idea what the code is for the general admissions pit tickets for the Raleigh June 8 date?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Crash14 will work, but they are more pricey since VIP.

  • John Hagler

    Any ideas on the Charlotte code?

  • DM

    Should this work for Canadian locations? Vancouver BC?

  • Craig B

    Vancouver ?

  • Mackenzie

    Fan club presale code for luke Bryan in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?

  • Tina

    Do you have a presale code for the August 31st Soldier Field concert?

  • Guest

    Memphis presale codes?

  • clay

    Presale tickemaster code for Memphis?

  • Kim Whitaker Dudley

    Any idea when Memphis info available??

  • Amy Wilkinson

    Are the only presales for Lubbock today just the VIP?

  • Danielle Needham

    I see the VIp presale code for lubbock, but what about the regular select a seat lubbock presale code?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Regular presales start tomorrow.

      • Shelby

        Night is the presale for the Texas tech students for the lubbock show. I’m a student there so that how I got it but you’ve helped me out with george strait codes so I thought I’d help by giving the like Bryan code :)

    • Amy Wilkinson


  • Nicholas

    What is the pre-sale code for select a seat for the Lubbock show. I tried every code none of them worked.

  • casey

    pre sale for omaha?

    • Ticket Crusader

      All info right above (starts at 10 and VIP tickets today, more presales tomorrow).

  • Amy Wilkinson

    Thank you!!

  • guest

    Presale for cedar falls?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Just updated this post.

      • Guest

        I don’t see where it was updated or where to locate it for Cedar Falls on 2/7

        • Ticket Crusader

          First one in this post.

          • Rachel

            K985 doesn’t work.

          • Ticket Crusader

            Working for me!

          • Rachel

            Thank you!!!

  • Amy Wilkinson

    Any idea on password for Lubbock?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Just updated this post with Lubbock info.

    • Shelby


      • Amy Wilkinson

        Thank you!!

  • Shannon

    Any idea what pre-sale ticket prices will be for Fargo show?

  • Guest

    Do u have the presale code for Fargo that go on sale tomorrow??

    • Ticket Crusader

      Just updated this post with Fargo info.

  • nina

    any idea when st paul concert is going on sale

    • Ticket Crusader

      Not sure.

  • Nick Jones

    Any information on tomorrows presales?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Will update today.

  • Bryan

    Presale codes for Omaha concert?

  • Bryan

    Do you have a presale for the Omaha concert?

  • Brian

    Hi TC – Along the band of Luke Bryan, do you have Jason Aldean presale info? There are presales for his AC show and others this week (Florida Georgia Line presales, venue and Live Nation presales).

  • KC

    Will the codes be the same for the presale days for the 2/6 moline il show?

  • Nick Jones

    What is the Cabela’s password for tomorrow?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Which show? Not seeing any presales for tomorrow.

      • Nick Jones

        New York City show on Sep 12

        • Ticket Crusader

          Updated this post, but check back tomorrow in case it changes.

          • Nick Jones

            Thank you. I got 4 nice seats from the Cabela password CLUB11.

  • Nick Jones

    When will the rest of the tour go on sale?

  • joeebbs

    Any idea what’s going on with the Wilkes-Barre show? I can’t find anywhere that it’s going on sale.

    • Ticket Crusader

      Not sure, will let you know.

  • Colleen Matthes

    Do you need a Cabelas card for the presale on Wednesday? Or should the code be enough?

    • SK

      I couldn’t get the Cabela’s code to work for MSG……. Any Thoughts?

      • Ticket Crusader

        Not sure, CHILLIN and LBRICE work.

        • otag

          can’t get anything

          • SK

            Yeah I missed em at 1005….. thanks for your efforts though ticket crusader!

          • otag

            i was trying at 10 exactly…even 959….tried on my computer and phone….not a thing. another try tomorrow.

          • Ticket Crusader

            Was able to pull single lower tickets and a couple upper pairs. Tough today.

          • Jim

            didn’t get anything either

  • Robert Ray

    Can’t find the MSG PreSale code for Luke Bryan either. Definitely could use it for Thursday for some good seats.

  • ap

    cant find the Madison Square Garden PreSale for Luke!

    • Ticket Crusader

      What info are you still missing?

      • TH

        so if I’m understanding correct, when the MSG presale goes on Tues, 11/5 at 10am EST the code is LBFC14 which is the code for the entire tour?

        • Ticket Crusader

          Would be surprised if it’s not and this will be good for VIP tickets tomorrow.

  • kevin

    What website are you stealing your information from?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Great question, albeit sarcastic. I actually get so many e-mails from venues, artists, radio stations, etc. it’s not hard. I guessed at CLUB14, knowing Club13 was the password last go-round and actually guessed at CHILLIN.

  • L1saMM

    Haven’t been able to purchase using the Lee Brice password. It unlocks it, but can only choose best available and that function doesn’t seem to be working for AC. I thought pre-sale was today? Any thoughts?

    • Ticket Crusader

      For AC: They are using the interactive map, so you can see what seats are available. For Lee Brice, looks like pairs in 106. Use CHILLIN and seats in 121 are available. CLUB14 password has quite a few seats, but not very good. I’d wait for tomorrow’s presales or even the public sales.

      • L1saMM

        Thanks! The interactive map was not loading for me – strange. I think I want to be in section 100. I feel like the floor is not good unless you are row 1-5.
        Confused, what are tomorrow’s presales?

        • Ticket Crusader

          There will be a Live Nation presale tomorrow at 10 with password GOBLINS

          • L1saMM

            Cool! Thanks!

  • Terry

    Any idea what the Lee Brice presale password is?

    • Ticket Crusader

      No, have tried a ton of things, but couldn’t guess or find it.

  • Brian

    Noticed that there is a Cabelas presale for the Greensboro show today at 10AM. Do you have that info? Thanks!

    • Ticket Crusader

      Try CLUB13

  • J.H

    anything for Boardwalk Hall, AC???

  • Julie Caliguiri West

    Presale code for Citibank cardholders go on sale weds at 10? Do I go through ticketmaster? Do I use the code mentioned above? 412800??

  • Julie Caliguiri West

    I am trying to find a password for the Citicard presale concert at Rupp arena, Lexington, ky. Tix go on sale weds at 10. Do I use the 412800?? On ticketmaster??

  • msjshs

    rupp arena

    • Ticket Crusader

      That one is through the Luke Bryan fan club and directly through his website, not through Ticketmaster, so no password is needed. You do need to join his fan club, however.

  • msjshs

    What about the pre-sale that starts at noon today? Do you have a presale code for that?

    • Ticket Crusader

      Which venue?

      • Kmurphy

        Do u know when Presales go on for philly at the lincoln financial center for luke bryan?? And if so what Presales code should I use?? Thanks for helping

    • Ticket Crusader

      Which city?