The Weeknd Tour Announcements


The Weeknd is currently on tour for the first phase of his Starboy Legend of the Fall Tour and has just announced more dates for the fall in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand! If you missed out on getting tickets for the first phase you may get lucky getting tickets for these new shows! No announcements have yet been made when these tickets will go on sale, so check back later for more announcements in the future!

Tour Dates

September 6th 2017 – TBA – University Park, PA

September 9th 2017 -TBA – Toronto, ON

September 12th 2017 -TBA – Boston, MA

September 15th 2017 -TBA – Washington DC

September 16th 2017 -TBA – Philadelphia, PA

September 19th 2017 -TBA – Columbus, OH

September 20th 2017 -TBA – Indianapolis, IN

September 24th 2017 -TBA – St. Paul, MN

September 26th 2017 -TBA – Kansas City, MO

September 27th 2017 -TBA – Lincoln, NE

September 29th 2017 -TBA – Denver, CO

October 2nd 2017 -TBA – Edmonton, AB

October 5th 2017 -TBA -Vancouver, BC

October 6th 2017 -TBA – Portland, OR

October 8th 2017 -TBA – Oakland, CA

October 11th 2017 -TBA – Sacramento, CA

October 13th 2017 -TBA – Anaheim, CA

October 14th 2017 -TBA – Las Vegas, NV

October 17th 2017 -TBA – Houston, TX

October 19th 2017 -TBA – San Antonio, TX

October 21st 2017 -TBA – Tulsa, OK

October 24th 2017 -TBA – Miami, FL

October 28th 2017 -TBA -Columbia, SC

October 29th 2017 -TBA – Nashville, TN

November 1st 2017 -TBA – Detroit, MI

November 2nd 2017 -TBA – Chicago, IL

November 29th 2017 -TBA – Auckland, NZ

December 2nd 2017 -TBA – Sydney, AU

December 6th 2017 -TBA – Brisbane, AU

December 8th 2017 -TBA – Melbourne, AU

December 11th 2017 -TBA -Adelaide, AU

December 14th 2017 -TBA – Perth, AU

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