2015 Most Anticipated Concerts/Tours


It’s never really too early to start planning ahead for those concerts you want to go see.  I mean because it’s not just about buying the tickets before they sell out while getting the best seats and deals, but you gotta think about your outfit, your travel arrangements, how much you might end up spending on concession items and paraphernalia, etc. etc.  Quite the process really, so…time to get started now!  Now, while everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinions (not only just about artists, but preferred genres, too), here’s what we have found to be the most anticipated concerts/tours of 2015.

*Adele (this is not CONFIRMED and only RUMOR!  But this is Adele here, so even with it being rumor, of course it’s going to elevate itself to “highly anticipated” status)
*The Who
*Neil Diamond
*Billy Idol

Get your tickets now!

What are your thoughts on this list?  What concerts do you plan on attending this new coming year?