BTS Announces Stadium Show


BTS has definitely proven themselves to be the biggest K-pop group in America! Their current tour has sold out in many locations and if that wasn’t enough, they have just announced their first ever stadium show in New York! Taking place at the end of their tour on October 6th, this show will cement their place as one of the most popular music groups ever.

Getting tickets to this show is going to be insane! You can bet your bottom that everyone who loves everything BTS will be trying everything they can to get their hands on these coveted tickets. So how are you going to be one of the lucky ones to get some? Below we will offer some tips to help you have the best chances to get seats to their biggest show yet!

Tickets will be going on sale on August 17th on most of our tips are offered on this video below. Further explanation on some of these tips will be down below.

The first thing you will encounter is the dreaded “virtual waiting room” that puts you into a random lottery to determine when you can buy tickets. Approximately 15-30 minutes before the tickets go onsale, they will give you the opportunity to join the waiting room. Once you join the waiting room it will tell you the onsale hasn’t started yet and your page will be refreshed when it starts.

This next step is the most important, copy the URL for the waiting room and open numerous other pages or, even better, in Internet Explorer – once the waiting room opens, make the window small and then simply click CTRL+N to open new windows with the waiting room. In fact, I usually open 2-3. You can make them small, because when you are chosen to buy tickets, the page turns gray. The reason for multiple windows is because after passing on tickets you will be forced to join the waiting room again, so if you plan on trying for some really great seats and pass up some further seats it is a good idea to have a few already open.

Using the mobile app and web browser simultaneously can be a good way to make sure you are able to get the tickets you want. If you have them both open you can potentially “hold” on to tickets on one while still searching for more on the other for a chance at better seats.

There are many tips that you can utilize to receive the tickets you want and we have enumerated but a few, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us at

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