How to get Ed Sheeran tickets



Tickets are sold out everywhere but you can still get tickets on SuperSeats, StubHub, and many other reselling marketplaces. Be sure to compare ticket prices so you can get the best tickets for the best amount of money!

By now you already know that Ed Sheeran has announced his North American tour dates, so it’s come time for you to find out how to get some tickets. Everyone is going to want tickets to his show and if you don’t know what steps to take then you might not end up with tickets at all. So what do you need to do first?

Pre-register for presales!

The only way to get into presales is though a verified fan presale. What is a verified fan presale? It’s an easier way for fans to get tickets to events they love . It requires a pre-registration process which will make sure more fans get access to tickets over brokers or bots. *You must pre-register before 10 AM EST on Friday, March 10th.*

How does it work?

Log in to your Ticketmaster account, or if you don’t have one, create one. Then head here to start registration. After you have filled out the registration form you will receive an email saying your registration went through. You can only register for three different shows, so be sure the ones you register for are your top picks!

Starting Monday, two to four hours before your registered presale begins you will get a text that will include a unique password and details on how to purchase your tickets. *Keep in mind that not everyone who registers will get a code, they will be sent on a first-come first-served basis.*

Other Presales

If you were unable to get a code for the verified presale you have one more chance to get tickets during the presale period. That chance is through American Express. If you are an Amex cardholder you will be able to purchase tickets without needing to pre-register for verified fan presales.

Don’t have an American Express and didn’t get a verified fan password?

There is still the on sale! Even though you may not have been able to get tickets during the presale window there is still a chance for you to get tickets during the onsale. For tips on how to buy on Ticketmaster check out this video:

You’ve used all of our tips and you still can’t get tickets, what do you do?

There are opportunities for you to get tickets even after they have sold out. There are a lot of ticket resell sites out there, like SuperSeats and StubHub, and they will have some of the best prices on tickets. Sure, they might be a little more expensive than face value, but as of this point it might just be your only option. Make sure you are smart about what tickets you purchase. Always compare resell sites to see which will end up being the most cost effective!

That’s how you can get tickets! If you have questions you can email

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