Katy Perry VS P!nk: Title for the Aussie Queen


In 2009 P!nk’s Funhouse Tour sold 650,000 tickets in the land Down Under, placing her as the overall highest ticket seller of all time there.  That crown is about to be snatched, though, by the one and only, California Gurl, Katy Perry.  Now, the records are showing that she sold a little more than 350,000 tickets for the Australian leg of her Prismatic World Tour, BUT…that was over 23 scheduled dates.  P!nk’s tour was done over 58 scheduled dates, which means…by technicality…P!nk sold about 11,206 tickets per show, whereas Katy Perry sold about 15,217 per show (and that she could’ve pulled off at least another 12 sold out shows if she wanted).  So…

Let the celebrity shade throwing commence.

How do you feel about this?  Who do you think deserves the crown of Aussie Queen?  I am more a fan of P!nk, but respect Katy Perry as an artist.  And hey, as long as they don’t come after my own self entitled crown (I mean, I woke up this morning with a good attitude, so…that counts, right?)…

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