Lady Gaga Tour Announcements


Lady Gaga has announced her regency in Las Vegas!!  At the end of December, Gaga will start off her shows which will run the span of two years. Presales will start on August 8th and tickets will go on public sale on August 13th.

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Lady Gaga Enigma Show Dates

December 28th 2018

December 30th 2018

December 31st 2018

January 17th 2019

January 19th 2019

January 24th 2019

January 26th 2019

January 31st 2019

February 2nd 2019

May 30th 2019

June 1st 2019

June 6th 2019

June 8th 2019

June 12th 2019

June 14th 2019

October 17th 2019

October 19th 2019

October 23rd 2019

October 25th 2019

October 31st 2019

November 2nd 2019

November 6th 2019

November 8th 2019

Lady Gaga Jazz and Piano Show Dates

January 20th 2019

February 3rd 2019

June 2nd 2019

June 9th 2019

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