Do All of the Presales Have the Same Tickets?

By devadmin On
Presale Passwords, Ticket Buying Tips

Something I get asked all the time is: Do all of the presales have the same tickets available? The answer: probably not. Sometimes, the presales might pull from the same batch of tickets. For instance, if the presales offered on the same day are Facebook, Twitter, Radio and Venue presales then they will all most likely cycle through the same tickets.

Typically, when there is a fan club presale, those tickets are a different allotment. Since they are usually the first presale offered they have exclusive access to tickets that other presales such a Live Nation and Venue presales. Fan club’s presales will typically offer better seats, so whenever possible you should go for those tickets first, however, getting those tickets prove to be the hardest since the passwords are almost always unique codes given only to fan club members.

So think ahead, and sign up for that fan club before new albums are released and tours are announced. You are more likely to get an email with a unique code if you’ve been a member before tours and presales are announced. If you miss the window then you just have to hope you get an email when their next tour is announced and you’ll have to get tickets on the other presales.

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