How to get cheap tickets

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Ticket Buying Tips

Getting tickets for a decent price can be difficult, especially if the show is already sold out on the primary marketplace. We want to share a quick tip to help you find the best prices on secondary marketplaces.

We recommend heading to all of the following websites and searching for your event:,, and Once your event is loaded, compare the prices for each website side by side like we’ve done below.                             

As you can see from the images, has the best prices for this event. However, don’t be fooled! Most secondary websites will have additional fees that are added at checkout to help cover administration costs. You’ll also want to check the prices once all the fees are included. You can do this by going to the final review page before checkout is finalized (make sure you don’t hit Submit!).                             

Once you’ve reached the final review page, you can see that the prices are now different. While it appeared that had the best prices for this event, we now know that is actually cheaper.

Sometimes ticket prices drop as the event date approaches and you can get a better deal by waiting to purchase tickets. Keep in mind that this can be risky for high demand events and seating locations. We would only recommend trying this if you aren’t picky about your seating locations and know your event won’t sell out. For high demand events, ticket prices may even increase as the event approaches!

If you are unsure if your event will decrease in price, you can ask us for a price prediction and we will help you gauge when is the best time to purchase your tickets!

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