Ticketmaster Mobile Apps Tips & Tricks

Using the Live Nation and Ticketmaster Iphone or Droid mobile apps is a great, great way to check for tickets. It is perfect for continually checking for tickets the day of the show and can be useful for when they go on sale, as well.

  • Currently, there is no need to enter a security password (captcha) when searching, a great time saver.
  • It seems like for ticket drops, sometimes they only appear on the mobile app and not on the web.
  • However, there are often server issues and it has not been seamlessly searching, making it a bigger risk.
  • Sporting events tickets currently are not on the Live Nation app, but are on the Ticketmaster app.

Here are some tips on accessing tickets faster with the mobile apps. First, obviously you need to download the Iphone or Droid apps. Once you have them downloaded:

Presales/Regular On Sale Tips

  • Search for the event you want to search for.

  • Prior to the on sale time, have a list of all of the events, but do not go to the ticket buying page.