FREE Presale Password Tips and Tricks

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Presale Passwords, Ticket Buying Tips

As I’ve discussed many, many times and what should not be a surprise to anyone – presales are the best way to get good seats for events. “But where do I find the presale passwords?” you might ask. Here are some FREE Presale Password tips and tricks –

  • Sign-up for all radio stations and venues in your area’s e-mail lists. They will e-mail you presale passwords (I get hundreds of them)
  • There are some presale password sites that charge you to access their presales. DO NOT PAY FOR THEM! You can see their listings for free and then search for the presales yourself. Some of these sites include:, and WiseGuys Presales
  • A great place to search is Facebook or Twitter

Bottom line, getting presale passwords has never been easier, don’t pay Any other questions or advice you might like? Please post in the Comments section. TCmed.jpg

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