Free Presale Passwords

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Presale Passwords

So you all know and as I’ve been saying presales are the best way to get tickets to an event. I am continuously amazed how many people are not aware of presales or know what the password is. Heck, many times you can even guess what the password is (artist’s name, popular song, concert city, etc.)

I try to provide the presale passwords for the hottest/biggest events (One Direction/George Strait/Lady Gaga/etc.) and not the one-off events that might not be so hot (Journey/Art Garfunkel/Bill Cosby/etc.).

I do not want to just become a presale password site (and charge for the info). This site will be better served to give “passwords on demand” and if you want a password for a certain show, just ask me on Twitter or Facebook or in the comments below. I am happy to provide free presale passwords a just a part of what the Ticket Crusader can do!




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