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Oregon Jamboree Music Festival has a reputation for taking place at the same time as Watershed. And why you may ask is that so special? The reason is that a few artists that headline at Oregon Jamboree may also show up at Watershed! So check out both festivals lineups, and if you can’t attend the Oregon Jamboree or alternatively Watershed you might might just be able to see your favorite artists at one or the other!

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We’re here today to provide you information that you might need to purchase your tickets and to have an all around great experience at Oregon Jamboree. Tickets are currently available for purchase and a few artists have been announced already, and maybe, just maybe, these same artists might also perform at Watershed.


Of the tickets you can purchase for the festival you have your choice of Premier General Admission, General Admission, and Reserved seating. Premier GA is a “reserved” area directly behind the Reserved seating section. Just like the General Admission section you will need to bring your own chairs to enjoy the show. General Admission is behind the Premier GA seating area.


Yes, you can most certainly stay in a nice, comfy hotel near the festival, but you can also enjoy the full festival experience camping out on site. The festival has nearby campgrounds to keep the spirit and fun of the experience at an all time high as you and your friends and family can enjoy your stay under the stars.


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If you want to know more about the festival, I suggest checking out their website and signing up for the newsletter so you can get all insider information that you may need or want to make this festival the best experience you possibly can! If you have questions for the festival, you can contact them here. If you have questions for us you can send an email to [email protected].

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