How to get Bonnaroo Tickets


The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is a four day music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee on a 700-acre farm with an attendance over 18,000. All four days are full of exciting activities, from concerts to movies, and art projects to a Silent Disco! Dedicated to recycling and sustainability, Bonnaroo is a festival focused on being “green” and in helping the environment. Charity is also a big part as they make regular contributions to The American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Doctors Without Borders and many more. All in all, Bonnaroo is a big deal! That is why we are putting together this handy guide to help you get tickets!

**Tickets are still available!**

What’s the Deal with Tickets?

Here is what you need to do in order to get tickets to Bonnaroo:

  • Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or sign up for their updates to know when tickets go on sale.
  • Once the tickets do go on sale, make sure you are online and ready to get in the queue as soon as they drop. Tickets may sell fast and you’ll want ’em. You will have the option to buy general admission tickets or VIP passes to the festival with an option to use Bonnaroo’s great payment plans.
  • Although you may only be thinking about the tickets you may also want to think about where you are staying. Whether you will be in a hotel, camping out, or bringing an RV you will need to buy your shuttle/parking/camping passes accordingly.
  • Each ticket buyer will receive a high security wristband with a uniquely coded chip. Every wristband will be scanned as you enter and exit the festival site. Activation instructions will be shipped to you along with your wristbands. (Do not put them on until you leave for the festival/do not take off until the festival is over!) Be sure to keep them in a safe place as these cannot be replaced.
  • Tickets sold out? You can always check out ticket resell sites like Superseats to get tickets cheaper than anywhere else. 


Ticket info

  • 4 Day General Admission
  • GA Ticket + Shuttle Package (4 Day)
  • GA Ticket + Shuttle Package (One Day)
  • VIP Package (2 tickets)
  • VIP Pass + Shuttle Package (4 Day)
  • VIP Pass + Shuttle Package (One Day)
  • Platinum Package (2 tickets)
  • 2 Platinum Tickets + Le Bon Cabana
  • 4 Platinum Tickets + RV Oasis
  • Roll Like a Rockstar



Come prepared with cash to buy your food, drinks, or any items you might have forgotten. If you do not want to buy food you are welcome to bring your meals and snacks. Coolers are extremely helpful but the ice may melt quickly. We suggest freezing any and/or all plastic water bottles you bring to help keep your food colder longer.

Staying at a hotel? There are shuttles to and from the festival. All you gotta do is buy the pass. If you are tent camping be sure you and all your friends have the same camping passes so you can stay together. If you want to know about other accommodations, check out Bonnaroo’s site to find out about accessibility and their deadlines.

Not sure what you can and can’t bring? Check out the bottom of Bonnaroo’s festival info page for prohibited items.

Stay True to the Roo

At Bonnaroo you are part of a community, you all live and breathe the same vibe. Play as a team and keep an eye out for your friends and for others. Making new friends is always a good thing at Bonnaroo. Happiness and positivity filled with high fives, smiles and random acts of kindness is just how they want you to radiate positivity. Facilities will be available, but they may not be what you expect. In the end don’t forget to stay true to the Roo and have as much fun as you can.


Do you have any questions for Bonnaroo? Check out their contact page here. Do you think we left something out? Feel free to email us at and we can help you out.

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