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Country Summer Music Festival is known as Northern California’s biggest country music festival! Taking place at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Country Summer’s first year had over 17,000 fans in attendance and every year the festival gathers more fans as they offer bigger and better artists and entertainers to excite us for each years festivities. Since getting tickets can sometimes be hard to get a hold of, we are going to help you out by providing a few tips and tricks so you can get tickets.

Tip One

You can find out about advance ticket sales or presales by following the festival on Facebook and Twitter. You can also contact the festival’s ticket information line which will help you to get tickets.

Tip Two

While waiting for tickets to go on sale we find it helps to plan with family and friends how long you can attend and what kind of tickets to get. Typically, there will be 3-Day GA tickets, 3-Day Reserved tickets, 3-Day Country Club tickets, and single day tickets. There are also Pit or after party tickets to add to your list to consider before buying.

Tip Three

Once tickets are available you should get your tickets from the primary market. Country Summer Festival sells their tickets through Only if tickets are sold out then we suggest buying from the secondary market.

Other Tips

  • If you are going to the festival from out of town you should be sure to plan out your stay well in advance to avoid any accommodation issues.
  • Parking cannot be bought in advance, all parking will cost $10 at each parking location.

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