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The Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the largest music festivals in the US, to get an idea of just how big it is – they added multiple festivals on the other side of the country. They boast the festival is an unparalleled experience of sight and sound full of entertainment experiences that you will have to encounter for yourself. Combining the world’s most renowned dance music talent with leading edge production and sound design EDC is one experience you need on your bucket list. Since it’s such a big deal we want to help you get tickets.

**Tickets are on sale now for EDC Orlando**

How do you get tickets? It’s pretty easy, there are just a few simple steps to follow. All of the steps below will apply to the festivals in New York, Las Vegas, and Orlando.

Step One

This is the easiest step, and the one we say the most: Sign up for the festival’s newsletter. This is the fastest and easiest way to ensure you get all the important facts about the festival as soon as they are announced. After signing up all you have to do is wait for the email containing the date tickets go on sale. You are probably wondering what is so special about the newsletter but when it comes down to it, you will thank us when you get that email that may have an exclusive presale code so you can get your tickets before the general public.

Step Two

Check out the types of passes offered so you know what you want during the festival, then you won’t have to spend all your time staring at the screen figuring out what tickets you want while everyone else is getting theirs before you.

New York tickets and additional features:

Las Vegas tickets and additional features:

Orlando tickets and additional features:

Step Three

Plan out your stay. Decide who might be going, and if you are coming from out of town. By knowing how many people are going makes it easier to know what type of accommodations you will need. It can be hard to wait until the last minute to book your room, and it’s helpful to know what hotel you are staying in so that you can buy corresponding passes.

Step Four

You’ve done your waiting, and tickets are now available – I shouldn’t have to tell you this means you should be getting those tickets as soon as possible. The earlier you buy, the cheaper ticket prices will be and the more time you will have to plan and prepare.

Finally – you’re done! Now you can chill out and enjoy your days before the festival!

**Note, you must be 21 years or older to attend this event**

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