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Tickets for Garth Brooks in Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC this May 2nd 2020 are on sale today on the primary. These usually sell out fast, and a bit difficult to buy due to the number of people swarming in to get the best seats. In cases like this, one alternative option is to buy from a secondary seller like SuperSeats! Not only is it easier to get tickets, but you also get better seats. On top of that, you can use the code: CRUSADER upon checkout for a special discount! Read on to know more how to get Garth Brooks tickets.

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If you want the best advice and tips in buying Garth Brooks tickets, then see them below:

  • There are NO presales for Garth Brooks, so you either need to be fast for the announced shows OR…
  • …wait for the additional shows to be added on Ticketmaster, he undoubtedly will add shows in every city.
  • Typically about 30 minutes into the sale of the initial shows more shows will be added – keep watching for those and as soon as one pops up, click on it and try for tickets.
  • To find those added shows, simply go on Ticketmaster (except for the few times where it isn’t through Ticketmaster) and search for Garth Brooks and the state abbreviation in the search box. Example: “Garth Brooks TN” for Tennessee.
  • Get in the queue as soon as possible. It will open 10-20 minutes out from the onsale time.
  • Do NOT refresh your page after entering the queue or you will lose your place in line.
  • You will probably get a 15 minute wait, but don’t give up – stay in the line and you should get lucky.
  • Since so many shows are hitting each city, tickets have been really cheap as the concerts get closer on SuperSeats and other secondary sites.
  • If it was me, I would try for great seats by watching for added shows and if I’m not happy with what I got – I would wait.
  • No matter what, I would not pay more than face value for any of these shows.


February 22nd 2020 | 7:00 PM Garth Brooks – Ford Field – Detroit, MI
May 2nd 2020 | 7:00 PM Garth Brooks – Bank Of America Stadium – Charlotte, NC

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Good luck getting tickets!! Have a question? Send in an email to [email protected].

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