How to get Orange Blossom Jamboree tickets

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The Orange Blossom Jamboree is a hint to the classic music of the 50’s with Bluegrass, Reggae, Electric to Acoustic, Jazz, and Funk for an eclectic combination of  jams that’ll get anyone’s feet moving to the beat. But there is more than just music to this festival, enjoy yourself with arts and crafts, drum circles, bonfires, camping, and much more. Getting tickets to big festivals like this can be an ordeal, so here is the best way on how to get tickets to the Jamboree.


What do you need to do?

The very first thing you should know is when to be on the lookout. Tickets wont be available on the same day every year. If they came out February 13th last year, they wouldn’t this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t become available around the same time. You can speculate all you want but you really won’t know when tickets go on sale unless you subscribe to the festival’s mailing list. Once you’ve done that, you will start receiving all the important details concerning the festival, such as when tickets go on sale.


You’ve signed up, now what?

Check out what types of tickets will be available. You’ll be able to choose between a 3-day pass or a 4-day pass. Each pass includes admission and primitive camping.  You also might have a chance to get tickets at the gate depending on availability.

Got an RV? You can buy water and electric campsites at the time of your tickets purchase but spots are limited so the earlier you buy after tickets go on sale the better chances you will have at getting a spot.  Didn’t get a pass? You can still bring your RV to the festival, you will just have to park it in the field with everyone’s tents – you won’t have any electricity or water though.


Time for tickets!

Once tickets are on sale go to their website for the fastest process through tickets. All you have to do is select your tickets types, add on an RV campsite if desired and head on over to checkout. Once there be sure to have your card all ready so you can fill out that shipping and billing information so they can send your wristbands to you. Then you’ve got your tickets!

Don’t want to attend all three or four days of the festival? You can get yourself day passes to the festival at the front gate upon arrival.

All checked out? Perfect! You’re good to go! Now all you have to do is coordinate with friends and family and wait for those wristbands to arrive – then wait for the day of the festival to lose yourself in all the fun and adventures on Orange Blossom Jamboree.

Question? Concerns? If you need to contact the festival you can email If you need anything from us you email

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