How to get Shaky Knees Music Festival tickets


Shaky Knees was first formed in 2013 and is made up of a mostly Indie music vibe. You may have heard of, Shaky Beats, which shouldn’t be confused with Shaky Knees since it was was formed later. Before Shaky Beats there was the legendary festival of Shaky Knees! In 2015 Shaky Knees was named 4th in the top 10 Best Music Festivals and we are not surprised. Since getting tickets to such a big festival can be pretty difficult, we’re here to give you the knowledge you need to get yourself tickets and to make the most of your trip to Shaky Knees.

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Before you buy

First you should know what you are getting yourself into. Shaky Knees is a 3 day festival stuffed full of music and activities! There will be a LOT of people, and there will be a LOT of noise and walking. Believe us – parking isn’t on festival grounds, so before all your walking during the festival, you have to walk from where yo found parking to the entrance.

Before you can buy your tickets you need to know when they go on sale. To find this out you should sign up for the festival’s E-list. (You can find this on the main festival page).

Tickets are available when?

Once you get word of tickets going on sale, whether it’s the Early, bird sale, advance sale, general sale etc, you should figure out what types of tickets will be available. (Keep in mind that single day tickets generally don’t go on sale until closer to the festival date.)

  • 3-Day General Admission
  • Single Day General Admission
  • 3- Day VIP Ticket
  • Single Day VIP Ticket

Buying your ticket

Tickets have become available and you want to buy them, where do you do that? Here! On the Tickets page you can select your desired ticket and the start your checkout process. Once your order has gone through you will be sent an email conformation will all the details about the tickets you purchased and other action you can take when you get them.

If early bird tickets are available, you should consider signing up for the early bird giveaway before purchasing your tickets, you just might be one of the 10 lucky winners who will receive a 3-day GA pass to Shaky Knees!

You can back your tickets with 100% protection in the case that you are unable to attend the festival for a valid documented reason for only 6% of your purchase total. This can be added during the checkout process. If you need more information on this you can call (888) 512-SHOW.

Now what?

  • Your tickets will be shipped to you a few weeks before the festival, and you will be required to activate them the day before the festival.
  • If you want to upgrade your GA pass to VIP you can do so on the ticket page.
  • If you need to change your shipping address you can do so by calling the number from above.


If you create an account to MyFest you can create a customized schedule and share it with your friends before the festival. You can even listen to a collection of track by artists who will be playing the festival to get you and your friends pumped for the weekends events.

That’s it! We’ve provided you with enough details to help you get tickets to one of the best music festivals of the year!

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