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Wilco’s Solid Sound Music Festival is a three day music festival full of music and arts for all ages. The festival mostly incorporates musical side projects by Wilco members, but there are also many other incredible artists who will perform. The festival takes place on MASS MoCA which is one of the largest contemporary art museums in the world. It’s only natural to expect tickets to be a little difficult to come by so here we will show you how you can go about getting tickets.

If you are following Solid Sound on Twitter or Facebook you should sign up for updates  at the Solid Sound website so you can receive news of anything festival related before it gets announced on social media.

Once you’ve sign up that’s pretty much all you need to do until tickets go on sale. Then when they do you and your friends can get tickets!

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Available tickets:

  • Early Bird – If you are lucky to get tickets early enough you can get the special early bird cost (includes museum fee).
  • Regular Weekend – Regularly priced tickets will include $20 museum fee with access to the MoCA gallery.
  • Kids Pass – Any child between the ages of 7 – 10 need a kids pass. Children under the age of 6 get in free (includes museum fee).

Camping Passes:

If you plan to camp out at Solid Sound you will need to purchase your camping passes separate from your festival pass. You can choose from Solid ground which offers an area for a tent or Camp Aggie which has RV lots, tent areas and show sherpas.

There are also a lot of hotels nearby if you don’t want to to camp out near the festival. Be sure to check out any travel packages that specific hotels might offer!

Parking is limited for direct access to the festival, but off-site parking locations will be available with convenient free shuttle services to and from MASS MoCA.

Have any questions? You can contact the festival or you can send us an email at [email protected]

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