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What better way to enjoy a music festival than to have it at the beautiful Colorado Hummingbird Ranch where you can unify with one another under the same canopy of creativity and musical enjoyment. The Sonic Bloom Music Festival brings dance, music, and art in an atmosphere that inspires creativity for all in attendance which they call “The unified field”. If you want to join your friend and family at the festival this year but aren’t quite sure the best way to get tickets, stick around and we’ll help you.

**Tickets are now available!**

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Here’s what you have to do first:

Well, since you can’t buy tickets when they aren’t on sale, you have to wait until they are available. How do you find that out? Well, typically tickets go on sale pretty early in advance. Sometimes they will go on sale just a few months after the previous year’s festival is over. If you want to know the exact date though, you’ll have to sign up for Sonic Bloom’s newsletter to hear when those tickets go on sale as well as any other news regarding the festival.

How do you subscribe? Currently the only way to subscribe is to go to the bottom of Sonic Bloom’s page and type in your email address and click subscribe.

Something else that is helpful

Like and follow the festival on Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve done that then you can stay updated on everything that’s going on with the festival.

Also, something we’ve found really beneficial in the past is to create or make sure you have an account where the tickets are being sold (They are being sold on Ticketfly) and log in before you buy to make your checkout process faster!

What do you do after that?

There is really only so much you can do besides wait for those tickets to go on sale. Some of those things include: figuring out who’s going to come. Do you want to go with your family? Your friends? Both? What type of ticket do you want? Do you want GA or VIP? Will you go car camping or bring an RV? Lot’s of options to consider. Basically we recommend just going through their site and looking at everything you might need to know before you go. Here are just a few things you might want to know:

When you’ve done all that then all that’s left is to wait….

Finally it’s time!

You’ve done all your waiting, now it’s time to buy! You should know what type of ticket or camping you want by now right? Great! Then sign in to Ticketfly and select those tickets! Of course the later you wait the more expensive passes will get.

  • 4-Day GA
  • VIP
  • General Parking
  • Car Camping Parking
  • RV Parking
  • Early Entry

There are a few in-person locations where you can purchase tickets so if you prefer to buy them yourself you can go to these locations:

  • Boulder – Boulder Theatre
  • Denver – Cervantes Masterpiece
  • Fort Collins – Rock N Robin’s


Gramatik, Opiuo, Emancipator Ensemble, The New Observatory, Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution, Yheti, Culprate, Spoonbill, Mark Farina, The Russ Liquid Test, Knower, Ayla Nereo, Detox Unit, Vibesquad, Zilla, Andreilen, Whitebear, The Widdler, Merkaba, Kaya Project, The Librarian, Of the Trees, Louis Cole, Daily Bread, Ana Sia, Yak Attack, Artifakts, Living Light, Bogtrotter, Haana, Jenaux, Tor, Sasha Rose, Steve Darko, Drrtywulvz, Sonic Samadhi, Megan Hamilton, Cualli, Homemade Spaceship, Trufeelz, Lapa, Michael Travis, Drumspyder, Nobide, Pushloop, Lunar Fire, Khiva, Spectacle, A Hundred Drums, Edamame, Lespecial, Guggenz, Mikey Thunder, The Party People,  Subaqueous, Kathars!s, Animated Earth, Funkstatik, Notorious Conduct, Midicinal, The Dirty Gems, Lyftd, Telemetry, Spectacle, Miraja, The Orcastrator, Dozier, Godlazer, Moon Frog, Autonomix, Blossomn, Nadasound, Photon, Dizgo, Morphics, Image.Nation, Messenger of Secrets.

Hopefully by now you can successfully say that you have tickets to Sonic Bloom Music Festival! (If not then I assume tickets aren’t on sale yet) Now it’s time for more waiting! But this time you are waiting for the festival!! We hope that we’ve helped you in some way to get tickets to the festival and that you will have a really awesome experience!

Have some questions for the festival? Ask them here! Have questions for us? Send an email to [email protected]!

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