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The Treefort Music Festival is an annual festival celebrating art and music with over four hundred bands, plus film, art, yoga, comedy and much more. The festival takes place in March every year in Boise, Idaho where you’ll be travelling all around the city to explore and discover what the festival has to offer. Treefort has made it so that anyone can join the festival regardless of budget, age, interest or schedule and we’re here to help you learn when and how to get tickets.

**Tickets are still on sale!**

The Key is…

Knowing when tickets go on sale. If you know when they will be released you can get tickets at the cheapest price available and quite possibly, before many others even think about getting tickets. To unlock secret insider information we suggest signing up for Treefort’s newsletter to get the all the goods on all festival related news. It also doesn’t hurt to also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Your Options

When tickets go on sale you’ll need to know what type of ticket you want. There are a few different pass options to choose from, so we recommend choosing wisely. (For those under 21 there is a pass available for purchase)

  • General Admission: 5-Day Access to all Treefort venues, the main stage and forts.
  • Zipline Pass: 5-Day access to all venues, the main stage and forts, front-of-line entry into shows. (Limited qty available)
  • Secret Handshake: Guaranteed entry into shows at venues, the main stage and forts, a personal concierge, and a season pass to Duck club. (Only 10 available)
  • Single Day Passes: You can get one for access to the full festival or just the Main Stage

You can also buy exclusive passes to these forts:

More Details

Not sure what forts there are at Treefort? We’ve made a list!

  • Alefort: For those 21+ you can enjoy all the specialty brews from local breweries and craft beer stores.
  • Comedyfort: For all those 21+ you can enjoy many comedic experiences at the premiere comedy venue in downtown Boise.
  • Filmfort: Multiple venues such as The Flicks will play multiple films as well as host some Q&A sessions with filmmakers, have a few workshops and more.
  • Foodfort: Discover some great local food here and learn where its produced.
  • Hackfort: Check out some of Boise’s entrepreneurial spirit and learn all about the local tech talent and creativity.
  • Kidfort: Where a few classes and performances will be held for the younger members of Treefort.
  • Skatefort: Skate with your friend while raising awareness and funds for skate parks and skate spots in Boise.
  • Storyfort: Enjoy discussions and readings from storytellers such as fiction writers, poets, journalists, musicians, memoirists, and nonfiction writers.
  • Yogafort: Experience yoga, dance and fitness classes with live music from some of Treefort’s artist.

That’s all folks, you should be prepared to get your tickets whenever they are available. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected].

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