How to get Upstream Festival tickets


In what once was the heart of the rainy city Seattle, Pioneer Square hosts Upstream Music Fest + Summit, where you can have the opportunity to walk about the historic district and hear the sounds of over two hundred artist and shows. With multiple venues and stages throughout the area, a walk through a usually quiet neighborhood will instead be full of sights, sounds, and excitement. Step into small venues or camp out at the main stage for a weekend of incredible music.

The festival is full of music, but now you need to know about Summit. At WaMu Theater fans, artists, collaborators, and industry experts will meet to discuss questions and themes that will touch on the struggles of the industry as well as how best to succeed. The Summit is meant to help understand and inspire emerging artists to be the best selves they can be while working towards their goals in music.

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Ticket types:

  • 2 Day Fest
  • 3 Day Fest
  • 2 Day Summit
  • Summit + 3 Day Fest
  • VIP Summit + 3 Day Fest

Summit Topics:

  • Many Rivers to Cross: How the music industry is adapting to the streaming model and beyond
  • Digital Witness: How data drives creativity
  • World Town: How local artists go global and global artists stay local
  • In a Future Age: Industry collision in the new music economy

How do you get tickets? On the festival all the tickets and passes will be available to purchase after the onsale date. The earlier you buy your tickets the cheaper the prices will be, so you want try and get your tickets as early as possible.

Think about who is coming with you, and coordinate your passes with your friends/family. There is nothing worse than realizing you and your friends have different tickets, and can’t go to all the same stuff. It also would be a smart idea to coordinate parking, lodging etc. Be as prepared as possible!

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As far as festival guides go, this one was easy, because you really need is to wait for tickets to be released. Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

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