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Zen Awakening is a festival that is open to all those seeking spiritual and personal transformations and well as raising consciousness and selfless service to everyone.  The mission of the festival is to create a sacred environment for each individual to realize that they are a unique emanation of the great Creator, the Love-Intelligence governing the Universe. We want everyone to have equal opportunities to get tickets the festival so here we will outline just how to do so.

**Buy your tickets now**


You should know when tickets go on sale – the earlier you buy, the cheaper the tickets will be. The best way to know is to sign up for the newsletter on their site and follow them on Facebook for all the inside information concerning the festival.


Wait for the announcement to come, and once it does – get all your friends who you want to go with to figure out what types of tickets you want. Here are your ticket options:

  • General Admission 3-Day Pass and Camping
  • General Admission 2-Day Pass and Camping Saturday and Sunday Only
  • Day Pass for Friday, Saturday or Sunday (No Camping Included)
  • RV & Camping 3 Day Pass, Camper or trailer with 2 GA Tickets
  • 3-Day Car Camping Pass

More ticket options:

  • VIP TeePee – 2 festival tickets, VIP passes, and 2 festival t-shirts
  • Enlightened Glamping – may be available for 1 – 4 people (limited)
  • ZEN Love Ticket – affordable tickets for low income students


Once tickets are available – go snag them as soon as you can! And don’t forget to read up on all necessities and suggested preparation so you can make the most of the festival!


Make sure you take all thenecessary items! Zen Awakening put together a list of 10 things you might want to bring to the festival. The list includes:

  1. A Mountain Bike to explore the 700 acres the festival offers.
  2. Your swimming suit and towel to play in the 26 foot water slide.
  3. Drums to play during the 7 PM – 6 AM drum circle.
  4. Your own unique expression.
  5. Stories and knowledge to share with your tribe.
  6. Your love of music to dance away to the 100+ bands during the festival.
  7. Creativity and gifts to share with all.
  8. Your tent and any decorations to reflect your passion for life.
  9. A yoga mat so you can join in any of the 20 yoga workshops.
  10. Your reusable water bottle so you leave no trace at the end of the festival.

Here is Zen’s way to make the most out of your experience!

Have fun! If there is anything you should do at the festival it is to make sure you are excited and are having as much fun as possible.

Do you have any questions? You can send in any of your questions to Zen Awakening and they can provide you with an answer. If you have any questions for us you can send them to [email protected]

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