Kanye West Album Announcements

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It’s becoming a trend for artists to drop cryptics messages regarding music announcements, and it appears that Kanye West has done it again, this time through his wife, Kim Kardashian. Fans are not sure how to feel about it following the multiple delays in the release of his album YHANDI last year. The album, called Jesus Is King, is said to have 12 tracks, including “Water”, which had its debut in Coachella during Kanye’s Sunday Service.

Jesus is King is set to be released on Friday, September 27th, although fans are expecting delays.

*Track List*

1. Clade

2. Garden

3. Selah

4. God Is

5. Baptized

6. Sierra Canyon

7. Hands On

8. Wake the Dead

9. Water

10. Through The Valley

11. Sunday

12. Sweet Jesus

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