NFL Playoffs Presale Passwords and Ticket Tips

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The NFL Playoffs have some presales going on and we know you want to get your hands on these tickets before everyone else. Here, we will provide you with the presale passwords needed to help you get the tickets you want. Check back later for more updates!

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Tuesday – Presale Passwords: PLAYOFFS
General public onsale for this event starts on December 28th

**The information below here is from an older post**

UPDATE: Looking for Playoffs?
Check our updated post here: 2014 – 2015 NFL First Round Playoff Games Ticket Guide


Here are your NFL Playoffs presale passwords and ticket tips for the upcoming road to the Super Bowl.

TIP: First rounds of NFL playoffs can often sell below face value on the secondary market, especially if teams are in the playoffs each year. Ticket prices don’t climb until the second and third rounds.

For the Wild Card round:

  • Looks like Green Bay, Indy and Cincy will be buyer’s markets – wait to buy!
  • Philly probably will do well and buy them during the public onsale, if you can.

As playoff teams clinch playoff berths and announce their presales and public onsales – I will list them all in this post. The Seahawks, Patriots, Panthers and Broncos assured of at least one home game.

Already on sale:

  • Cincinnati Bengals – Single game tickets on sale now. Their first playoff game tickets are not sold out here on Ticketmaster.

Monday, December 30:

  • Indianapolis Colts at 10:00am EST on Ticketmaster.
  • Green Bay Packers – season ticket holders get their chance in the morning at 9:00am and the general public, if any remaining at 3:00pm CST on Ticketmaster

Tuesday, December 31:

  • Philadelphia Eagles at 10:00am for season ticket holders, 12:00pm for everybody else on Ticketmaster. There are also Standing Room Only tickets on sale at noon. Password was MEMBER
  • Seattle Seahawks at 10:00am PST on Ticketmaster and Standing Room Only tickets available too.
  • Denver Broncos at Tuesday December 31 at 10:00am MST on Ticketmaster. Buying is limited to surrounding states to limit ticket brokers.

Wednesday, January 1:

Monday, January 6:

  • New England Patriots playoff tickets go on sale, Monday January 6 at 10:00am EST on Ticketmaster.

I am a big fan of the Ticketmaster mobile app for sporting events and you can also use the web browser. Make sure to check out my Ticketmaster tips and tricks.

Keep checking back on this post for all of the NFL Playoff ticket and presale info.

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