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It’s a great time to fall in love knowing that Taylor Swift’s newest album is coming shortly after the release of its title track, “Lover” on August 14th. Featuring 18 tracks, Lover is Taylor’s longest album to date, and you can catch exclusive lyrics released daily on Swift’s Spotify playlist, “Love, Taylor: Lover Enhanced Album” until its release!

Lover will be released on Friday, August 23rd and sold on Taylor Swift’s website. I know you’re all excited, but “You Need to Calm Down” and stay tuned until then!

*Lover Track List*

1. I Forgot That You Existed

2. Cruel Summer

3. Lover

4. The Man

5. The Archer

6. I Think He Knows

7. Miss America & The Heartbreak Prince

8. Paper Rings

9. Cornelia Street

10. Death By a Thousand Cuts

11. London Boy

12. Soon You’ll Get Better (Featuring the Dixie Chicks)

13. False God

14. You Need to Calm Down

15. Afterglow

16. ME! (Featuring Brendon Urie)

17. It’s Nice To Have a Friend

18. Daylight

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