ComcastTIX Tips & Tricks

Aside from Ticketmaster, another online ticket provider is ComcastTIX. They provide service for such venues as the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the Borgata Casino, Liacouras Center and more.

There is nothing flashy with this site and they do utilize a waiting room.

Here are the steps for a presale through ComcastTIX.

  • As always, you will want to use a presale password whenever you can.
  • Click on the Promotions link and then enter the password in the Presales/Promotions box:

Once you enter your password, you will either come to the sale page or the Waiting Room.

If you encounter the waiting room

  • Wait for the waiting room to fully load
  • Open a large number of browser windows and paste the URL for the waiting room into each of the browsers.
  • An easier way, if your using Internet Explorer, is to simply press CTRL+N to open new windows.
  • You will want to cascade them so you can see part of the window.
  • When the waiting room is open the main body of the page will be white
  • When you are in the waiting room, you will see a gray bar
  • Quickly open that window fully
  • Click Find Tickets and then be fast entering in the number of tickets and then search.