Top 10 NFL Stadiums

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All across America NFL fans meet together to watch their favorite team fight for the win against their long time rivals in heated plays on the long 120 yards that make up their playing field. The meeting places where those fields are held are the NFL Stadiums. Whether you are out in the open or are under the protection of a roof, each stadium has a different vibe that cannot be duplicated by another. Out of so many incredible stadiums there are many that provide unique experiences and it was hard to pick just ten but here we have, in our opinion, what we believe to be the top 10 stadiums in the NFL.


10. Heinz Field – Pittsburgh Steelers

Heinz Stadium was built along the Ohio River and offers views of the river and city that anyone would find themselves enjoying. The Steelers fans are some of the best fans you will find in the NFL and most of them consist of locals. They love their team and aren’t afraid to show it, often times during home games the fans will flash their Terrible Towels and turn the stadium a bright yellow as they cheer for their team. Ever since 1972, every single Steelers home game has been completely sold out.
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9. Gillette Stadium – New England Patriots

Every home game played at Gillette Stadium has sold out since it’s opening and they boast having one of the best home-field winning percentages in all of football due to the boisterous crowd experience. Patriot Place, an entertainment district with shops and restaurants, surrounds the stadium for the ultimate tailgating before games. The stadium regularly hosts other sporting events that include soccer matches, NCAA Lacrosse championships and high school football super bowls.
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8. Soldier Field – Chicago Bears

Soldier Field is the oldest stadium in the NFL at 90 years of operation and the third smallest stadium. The stadium was built in 1924 as a memorial to American Soldiers who have died in wars and was designed to model roman architecture. In 2013 the stadium’s interior was renovated in the modern style you see today, the original exterior remaining. The Stadium was once claimed as a National Landmark but due to the renovation was delisted. Soldier Field is the first NFL Stadium to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design status.
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7. Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium is the fifth largest NFL stadium and,in order to maintain the ability to host college and major league soccer games, has had to go through many renovations throughout the years. Despite these renovations the field still has that classic stadium feel. In 2013, in a game between the Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders, the crowd broke the Guinness World Record for the loudest Stadium. The record was broken by the Seahawks, then the Chiefs took hold the record once again in 2014 with a crowd noise at 142.2 decibels.
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6. University of Phoenix Stadium – Arizona Cardinals

Few stadiums can claim that their playing field can be used either inside their stadium or outside, but the University of Pheonix Stadium sure can. This stadium has the first retractable natural grass playing surface in the United States allowing the floor of the stadium to be used for other purposes besides NFL games. On top of the technological advancements of the field there is also the shape of the stadium which has been considered an architectural icon for the region as one of the 10 most impressive sport facilities on the globe.
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5. MetLife Stadium – New York Giants, New York Jets

MetLife Stadium houses not only the New York Giants but also the New York Jets in the largest NFL stadium in the country. Each yeah the stadium hosts 20 NFL games – that is twice as many as any other NFL stadium and is the named the Top Grossing Stadium in the World. The shell of the stadium consists of aluminum louvers which display a different light depending on which team is playing at home. In fact everything in the building is designed to be interchangeable depending on which team is playing the field.
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4. Sport Authority Field – Denver Broncos

Sport Authority Field, commonly known as Mile High honors the unique traditions of the original Mile High Stadium that was one of the most beloved stadiums in the National Football League. The stadium stands at an elevation of 5,280 feet above sea level, giving the bronco’s an unmatched home field advantage. Many seats offer a view of the nearby Rocky Mountains which the stadiums highest risers mimic in its design. Sports Authority Field offers unobstructed views on five levels of seating including 8,200 club seats and 144 luxury suites.
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3. AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys

AT&T Stadium (also known as Jerry World) is the largest stadium in the NFL with a seating capacity at standing room at 105,000 people with field-level luxury boxes and unobstructed seating. The stadium features a 60- yard HD Jumbotron for fans to more easily catch all the action of their teams plays. But AT&T is more than just a stadium, it’s an art museum. One of the most unique features at AT&T Stadium is the collection of museum quality contemporary art which enhances the architecture of the building and the experience of  any sports enthusiast.
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2. CenturyLink Field – Seattle Seahawks

CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks and the 12th man, is set against the backdrop of beautiful Mt Rainier and The Puget Sound making it unlike any other stadium. Notoriously loud during Seahawks games, the fans have been as loud as 137.6 decibels – contributing to the team’s home field advantage with an increase in false start and delay of game penalties against visiting teams. The crowd has also been know to get so excited that they can cause enough shaking in the stadium to be recorded on Pacific Northwest Seismic Network instruments.
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1. Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

Lambeau Field is the oldest operating NFL Stadium with 2015 being its 59th season of football – that is 10 years more than the next-closest venue Qualcomm Stadium. In 1999 Sports Illustrated named Lambeau Field as the most recognized and envied location in all of sports as the eighth-best facility in the world to watch sports and is ranked Number 1 in stadium experiences. Even though Lambeau Field has gone through many expansions and redevelopments it has maintained it’s original seating bowl where many of NFL’s greatest moments have taken place.
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Each Stadium has it’s own perks and fiercely loyal fan base and that made choosing ten of these venues so hard. We wanted to highlight the best but while all thirty-one stadiums are pretty great, we had to narrow it down. We hope you enjoyed seeing the ones we chose and hope you will let us know which stadiums you have been to and which ones are your favorites. Keep a look out of for more top 10’s and the Best of Entertainment in the future!

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